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The Seven Deadly Sins is a popular manga and anime series created by Nakaba Suzuki. The game would be set in the fantastical land of Britannia, where the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of powerful knights, once served the kingdom but are now disbanded and labeled as traitors. Players would traverse various regions of Britannia, encountering both allies and enemies from the series. Players would be able to choose from various members of the Seven Deadly Sins, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles.

The leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, specializing in close-quarters combat with his demon powers. Engage in fast-paced, combo-driven combat inspired by the anime series. Players would string together light and heavy attacks, dodges, and special abilities unique to each character. Players can assemble a party of characters from the Seven Deadly Sins and strategically switch between them during combat to take advantage of their strengths and weaknesses. Explore the vast world of Britannia, uncovering hidden treasures, completing side quests, and encountering iconic locations from the series.


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