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Toy Blast is a popular mobile puzzle game developed by Peak Games. In Toy Blast, players embark on a colorful journey through various levels filled with puzzles to solve. The main objective of Toy Blast is to clear levels by matching two or more blocks of the same color. Each level presents a unique puzzle that players must solve within a limited number of moves. To clear blocks, players must tap on groups of two or more adjacent blocks of the same color. Tapping on a group causes them to disappear, and any blocks above them will fall down to fill the empty spaces.

Throughout the game, players can earn or purchase various power-ups and boosters that help them clear levels more efficiently. These may include rockets, bombs, and disco balls, each with unique effects that can clear large portions of the board. Each level typically comes with specific objectives that players must complete to progress. These objectives might include reaching a certain score, clearing a certain number of blocks, or rescuing toys trapped within the blocks.


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How To Use Toy Blast Cheats

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