War Thunder Cheats

War Thunder Cheats

About Game War Thunder

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War Thunder is a multi-platform free-to-play game featuring machines that took part in World War II and the Korean War. Take on opponents from around the world in the sky, on land and on the water. War Thunder offers players 667 tanks and land vehicles, 47 helicopters, 849 aircraft and 234 ships. The game features a wide range of vehicles, including tanks, aircraft, and naval vessels, from various nations such as the United States, Germany, Soviet Union, Japan, and more.

The list includes weapons from different eras. Each vehicle has its own unique technical parameters, including speed, armament, strengths and weaknesses. The units are also characterized by various types of armament, the selection of which is key to destroying a specific enemy – just like in reality, you need to hit it in the right, least armored place, and at the right angle. Overall, War Thunder provides an immersive and competitive experience for players who enjoy military vehicle combat games, offering a wide range of vehicles, realistic mechanics, and challenging gameplay.


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War Thunder Cheats Features

– Adding Golden Eagles and Silver Lions
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War Thunder Cheats Proof

How To Use War Thunder Cheats

– Click button “Generate Online”
– Enter username
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– Click „Generate” and wait a few minutes.
– Restart the game.
– Have Fun!


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